Primary research (human intelligence)

Good primary research & analysis is key to giving you a competitive edge

Primary research is a core competency at Fresh Insight Consulting & involves speaking with a range of sources with insights into your key questions. Physicians, patient associations, trial sites & company sources all form part of the puzzle. Great elicitation is achieved through use of different researcher styles and techniques, with an individualized approach for each source increasing success

Conference coverage

Whether part of a wider investigation or a stand-alone project, Fresh Insight Consulting has successfully gathered insights with key sources face to face in the conference setting at over 100 conferences in the past 10 years

Conferences are valuable for intensive intelligence collection, building & maintaining rapport with key sources & establishing new contacts

Project Types

Whatever your project need, Fresh Insight Consulting can support this with the correct approach:

  • Competitor landscapes – using primary & secondary research to map your current & future competitor landscapes
  • Ad hoc projects – do you have a list of questions about your competitors that you would like to explore? We can do this through ad hoc research lasting from 0.5 day to 12 weeks – dependent upon your needs
  • Monitoring projects – longer term projects of 6 months to 6 years duration. A fixed period of research time is commissioned on a monthly basis in order that primary research can be devoted to your team’s needs with questions as they arise

Data analysis

Fresh Insight Consulting combines analysis techniques with in-depth pharmaceutical industry & therapeutic area experience to take the pieces of the puzzle to form a clearer picture

Data analysis is based upon intelligence derived from primary research, secondary sources or information received from the client (e.g. via their sales force) – or a combination of sources


Collectively, the Fresh Insight Consulting research team has many years of competitive intelligence experience. Training can be provided in a range of CI techniques & whether 1:1 mentoring or training for a group of 30, CI theory will be explained & brought to life with practical examples & anecdotes from life in the field

Additional services

Fresh Insight Consulting also supports a range of other investigations needs including business development support, personality profiling & company strategy